Looking to have some major kitchen renovations and replacements? Then respray services are exactly what you need to create a cost-effective and sustainable solution for that major transformation your kitchen needs. To avoid the inconvenience of having major renovations that accumulate due to some unforeseen and hidden charges that might come along the way,
worktop respray offers the best alternative to major renovations and replacements. Just a few more reasons to skip replacements and renovations include:

• Disruptive to daily activities including:
• Noisy activities
• Messy workplace & dust
• Odor
• Work hours can extend for days
• Cost of brand-new furniture
• Demolition & other Service Installation Fees
• Plumbing etc.
• Styling & Decoration Fees
With all these in consideration, here are how a worktop respray can work
wonders to make that renovation a dream come true:

Worktop tiles Styling
Worktop Respray before & After


Major renovations and replacements are highly more costly considering all the charges and service fee from demolition to installation and up to decoration. Kitchen renovation quotes can skyrocket from up to €8,000 to €10,000,
according to the Irish Times. Opting for a worktop respray rather than a replacement can save you up to almost 70% on savings!


Aside from all the consideration regarding the expenses accumulated throughout the whole renovation process, opting for affordable services like worktop respray is also a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. By choosing to refurbish old worktops and kitchen surfaces, we are reducing the waste and carbon emissions in the air

Reduced Waste

Choosing to restore old worktops and refurbishing rather than buying and replacing means reducing the physical waste generated from dismantling old furniture and countertops. It also means one less furniture needed to be manufactured by companies.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

The paints we use are made from sustainable materials and thus has reduced carbon emission upon its application making it perfectly safe and friendly for both the environment and the health of our personnel and the clients we cater to.

worktop respray, Kitchen Respray All white Counter

Reduce all the hassle from tearing down the whole kitchen apart and dismantling or replacing old countertops with our worktop respray and allsurface respray services available. Say no more to extra costs and service fees and say hello to an excellent kitchen makeover with great savings! Just click below to inquire and request a quote from us. We offer free consultations for whatever restoration and renovation requests you have.